Customer Testimonials



Birmingham, AL

"Thanks to Jeannie's Cakes, I have been able to host my family gatherings, parties, and many social events by Serving her cakes, cupcakes, and other specialty desserts! I guess I can COIN the phrase: 'One of her Greatest Customers'. Eating her Excellent cakes has brought joy to me and many others! "


Henry M. 

Las Vegas, NV

"I must admit that you have taken a simple recipe like Pound Cake and taken it to the next level. Gourmet? Absolutely! Delicious? The best I've Ever Tasted! As an Artist I know Great Art when I see it. As a man who likes Great food, I can truly say that Steve has preserved, for our benefit, a Culinary Masterpiece."


Diana Brooks

Nashville, TN

"Jeannie's Cakes makes the best Pound Cakes around.  You can't go wrong choosing their desserts!!!"


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