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Mrs. Jeannie Gray

Jeannie Gray was born in Elberton, a small town in Eastern Georgia. Later in life, she lived in Atlanta, where she found her passion for baking when she began sharing her cakes with friends and family. She baked a variety of pastries, but being from the south, baking pound cakes was her specialty.

The Recipe

Her homemade recipe took a lifetime of love and care to perfect. In 1945, Jeannie put the finishing touches on her original recipe. It showcases exactly what a moist and fluffy pound cake should—Incredible texture and a baked-with-love taste that has given our family smiles for decades.

Jeannie, my Teacher

For years I have stood under my grandmother learning to bake. In her memory I have striven to share her love of baking with the world. She taught me about baking and entrusted me with her secret pound cake recipe, just as I am with my children. In our home everyone shares in keeping this family tradition alive. It's our passion to ensure that each and every cake is precisely mixed and handled with care, just as my grandmother had. Thank you for helping us continue on Jeannie's legacy.

-Steven Gray (Grandson of Jeannie Gray)


Jeannie’s Cakes specializes in gourmet pound cakes in a variety of flavors and sizes to meet every order! We pride ourselves in consistency with all our products using only the freshest ingredients!

Now you can enjoy Jeannie's Cakes daily, for events, showers, and for all your special occasions!

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What our friends are saying

What our friends are saying


Customer Testimonials



Birmingham, AL

"Thanks to Jeannie's Cakes, I have been able to host my family gatherings, parties, and many social events by Serving her cakes, cupcakes, and other specialty desserts! I guess I can COIN the phrase: 'One of her Greatest Customers'. Eating her Excellent cakes has brought joy to me and many others! "


Henry M. 

Las Vegas, NV

"I must admit that you have taken a simple recipe like Pound Cake and taken it to the next level. Gourmet? Absolutely! Delicious? The best I've Ever Tasted! As an Artist I know Great Art when I see it. As a man who likes Great food, I can truly say that Steve has preserved, for our benefit, a Culinary Masterpiece."


Diana Brooks

Nashville, TN

"Jeannie's Cakes makes the best Pound Cakes around.  You can't go wrong choosing their desserts!!!"


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